Photos and Videos from my Field Trips

Arctic Impressions
I'm fortunate to have visited many incredible places in the Arctic. To share a glimpse of my experiences, and the beautiful nature I've seen, I've gathered photos from various fieldwork trips in Greenland, Svalbard, Norway and Sweden, as well as from my visits to the Kytalyk research station in northeast Siberia.
The Kytalyk Nature Reserve, Northeast Siberia
Back when I was still a PhD student, I did fieldwork at the Kytalyk research station, located on the tundra of northeast Siberia. I spent a total of six months in this beautiful place, spread out over three years (2007-2009). During that time, I took a lot of pictures of the tundra, our fieldwork, and anything else that drew my attention. A small impression of my experiences is captured in the following photo albums: