Photos and Videos from my Field Trips

Arctic Impressions
I'm fortunate to have visited many incredible places in the Arctic. To share a bit of my experiences, and the beautiful nature I've seen, I've gathered some photos and videos from various fieldwork, including the time I spent at the Kytalyk research station in northeast Siberia.
Fieldwork photos
In the past years, I visited various research stations in Greenland, Svalbard, Norway and Sweden. Here are some impressions from those remote places:
The Kytalyk Nature Reserve, Northeast Siberia
Back when I was still a PhD student, I did fieldwork at the Kytalyk research station, located on the tundra of northeast Siberia. I spent a total of six months in this beautiful place, spread out over three years (2007-2009). During that time, I took a lot of pictures of the tundra, our fieldwork, and anything else that drew my attention. A small impression of my experiences is captured in the following photo albums:
Short videos
After the first summer fieldwork at the Kytalyk Station, in 2007, I edited some short videos from raw material that a colleague filmed. They give a nice impression of what it's like to do fieldwork in a remote place such as the tundra of northeastern Siberia.
Here are some short clips from the 2008 and 2009 fieldworks that I made with a simple photo camera: